Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And so it ends.

Well tonight was my last night in the Improv X-ecution. Since next Monday I will be doing training in Phoenix and I've already missed one night of the competition I knew I would be out anyway. So tonight I met with the organizer before the show started and told him what was up and told him that if I had my way I would rather not have anyway get eliminated tonight since I would be leaving next week anyway. So we had the show like normal and of course I get put on the chopping block. But at the end the host announced that I would be leaving and the other three people left would be in next week. But in true cutthroat fashion, the judges still told everyone who would have been going home, and of course it wasn't me. I found out later that only one person wanted to vote me out in the whole audience. It's really a shame that I have to go out like this because I think I would have been one of the people to beat, but that's life. I'll just have to tryout for the next round of the competition.

Other than that my life has been pretty boring all week. I'm really glad I'm starting work in two days just because it gives me something to do. Last night I met a few friends I knew from UNH at their apartment in Culver City and we hung out and tomorrow I'm meeting some Groundlings friends for coffee, but truly my life has been really boring. Due to this and the ear infection that I finally seem to have beaten I have been sleeping absolutely terribly. I can't seem to fall asleep until four am and since I've got nothing to do I just sleep until noon everyday. That's not particularly healthy. I'm hoping that once I start work it will be easier to get a bit of a routine and I'll start sleeping better.

Anyway, that's life, and it won't get anymore exciting once work starts. Yay adulthood!

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  1. improv X-ecution sounds like a blast, too bad timing didn't work out.