Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm Contributing! Oh ya, and it's Halloween

It's late and I should probably be in bed, but this week has been a busy one but I'm glad to report that I feel more and more at ease in my job. I am learning and doing more for the office and I feel like I can do about 75% of the things I need to without once asking for someone to check my work. At this point there are just the odd things that come up that no one would ever think to warn or tell me about because it happens so infrequently that making it part of organized training would be silly. Tomorrow in fact I actually get to work alone for a few hours. This is partly because I'm at that point now, and partly so I can pick up some extra hours to make up for the time I was at home unexpectedly.

A word on Halloween. When I was young I definitely enjoyed Halloween time, who didn't. When I was in high school I could understand the desire to dress up and maybe have a party or something. I can even understand college kids wanting to break up the weekly routine of partying by partying in costume. But enough is enough. At this point in my life Halloween seems to be an excuse for my generation to dress up like idiots/whores and for some reason that's ok. And I'm the one who's crazy because I just don't understand the need to spend a month preparing a costume I'm gonna only wear once. Case in point; tomorrow I'm going over to a friends for a birthday party since he turned 23 on Tuesday. But of course the party gets moved to the weekend and now I need to create a costume? After I was home for a week and an hour after I get out of work? Ya no. I'm gonna go on down to Culver City, give him his gift (Rex Goliath wine!) and hang out for a bit. If someone asks me what my costume is I'll say, "an Adult".

I love most holidays, but it's probably time to grow up a bit.


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