Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A word on the election and booking tours

Alright, so we all watched the election results last night (I'm sure more people watched than actually voted...) and everyone knows the outcome. Now I'm by no means a staunch Democrat, and I would vote for a Republican I agreed with. That said, the past two years have shown that the Republicans will pander to the dumbest and most juvenile of our population for the sake of winning votes. The sheer hypocrisy of teabaggers rallying against entitlements but taking down medicare and social security is all the proof I need that there is one party in this country dealing in reality and another in la-la land. I just hope that after the elections the GOP can set the crazy aside and try to get real, because there are a lot of serious issues with our country, indeed our very way of life.

Anyway, in happier news, today was my single best day of sales at work. I sold 5 different trips including my first tour. Now true, two of the trips were to people I knew so I didn't make much (read: any) commission on those, but the experience was great, and I finally feel like there is more that I can do than what I can't. It's a good feeling to have someone come in and not get nervous fear in my whole body.

As I mentioned, one of the flights I booked today was for my friend Alisha to come visit, just in time to replace Cosette who left today!

But seriously, I'm psyched she's coming, it will be easy to see a friendly face, especially so close to the holidays when I'll miss home the most. I don't know what to show her, but I'll figure it out.

-Happy Trails!

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  1. The beach!!! Show her the beach and for cripes sakes, do a studio tour.