Friday, November 19, 2010

Been too long

Sorry for the huge delay in posting, not having much to say plus family matters got me deflated for a bit, but I owe it to myself to post something.

This past week has been a blur. This was the week of the official store opening so we had tons of corporate reps in as well as the regional sales directors and a bunch of airline and land vendors. I actually enjoyed the change, though you could tell it was a bit more prim around here than it usually is. To be fair, I was more impressed with the free booze and food from the two nights of parties we've had then anything else.

Unfortunately I had to face our vendors with an injury. Two nights ago while doing the dishes I broke a glass and before I could react had sliced a nearly 2 inch long gash in the book of my hand. Luckily I apparently missed the vein, but it would not stop bleeding and was pretty fierce looking so I went to the hospital at midnight where I had 10 stiches sewn into me. So for the past few days I have a hand full of padding with my fingers sticking out, partially so I don't hurt myself, and partially so people don't get grossed out. All I can say is that I'm glad I have health insurance. Question for anyone who cares: do co-pays get put toward your yearly deductible?

Not only does my job give me health insurance, but today was the first paycheck where I got a true bonus! Now some might look at $19 dollars and see chump change, but I see progress. This month's commission should be even bigger.

Anyway, this weekend I will be working on Saturday and then possibly going to a party at a friend's. As far as Thanksgiving plans, I don't have any. I have Thurs and Fri off, but have to work next Saturday as well so I can't do much. I may go visit a friend up north, but that's tentative. I may just go to the beach and drink some beers, not a bad comprimise.

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