Monday, June 28, 2010

Grand Canyon and Vegas!

Alright where to start. First of all, if you have means to visit the Grand Canyon, do it! It's impossible to describe and pictures do not do it justice. The colors, the shape, the rock formations, everything takes your breath away and makes you wonder how something so amazing can exist at all. I would also recommend camping out at the canyon if you can. There's a few campgrounds throughout the national park that take reservations but Mitch and I were lucky enough to camp at Desert Sands campground. It only has 50 spots and it's first come first served so you need to get there a little early, no reservations! It's worth the stress though, you're only a 5 minute walk from the canyon. Mitch and I got to stay there and watch the sunset and then stuck around to watch the stars come out and lightning from a distant thunderstorm. It was surreal. I almost didn't notice the partying Swedes in their tent across the way. A word on camping in Arizona; the sun comes up at 5:30 in the morning.Ya. It's crippling when you've spent all night on the hard packed desert sand. I also got to indulge my inner hipster by reading Catcher in the Rye on the canyon walls, so there's that. Pictures upcoming hopefully. Also, if you have the choice, drive Rt. 180 from Flagstaff up to the canyon, it goes through mountains that reminded me of Colorado and it was a nice change of pace from the constant Arizona desert.

Arizona's not bad to drive through but it does get a little old, and it's hotter than hell. Today in particular we drove through a stretch of desert that went on forever and was completely straight and flat, think the movie Tremors with Kevin Bacon. Funny story, a few days ago we drove past a group of bikers with Norwegian flags in Texas. Today we stopped at a Texaco on the way into Nevada and who else was there but the Norwegians! I think we're making better time.

Anyway we drove up to Vegas today and went over the Hoover Dam, which was cool I guess, but way too crowded. Their building a bridge which I'm sure will help some but there were just too many rubberneckers to make the experience any fun. Another funny story about Europeans on the road; we stopped to take one or two pictures and the car next to us was the partying Swedes. Odd.

Anyway, Mitch and I are now in Vegas. We managed to get a good deal to stay at the Monte Carlo. It's pretty insane in this city, I haven't done much walking around but I can imagine that it gets pretty nuts at night. I'm looking forward to it, not to mention the opportunity to redeem myself after the mean Cowboy incident. Tomorrow is LA and then hopefully a job. We will see.

Happy Trails!

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