Friday, June 25, 2010

Mean old cowboys and Indian casinos. Oklahoma!

Greetings all. Today Mitch and I left James behind at Fort Leonard Wood with a heavy heart. We had a lot of fun getting to see what life is like in the Army and I know James appreciate the visit. On the way out of Missouri we met my friend Dave from London in Springfield for some awesome cashew chicken and then moved on to Oklahoma.

A few words on Oklahoma. They decided to split up I-44 and I-40 into smaller parkways, which means that they collect a toll on every single one. Not only that, but they take those tolls to make the nicest welcome centers you can imagine..with dirt parking lots. It's bizarre. Then the state is incredibly boring to drive through, it's a bit like Missouri but instead of constantly seeing cities or billboards that at least divert your attention the best Oklahoma can do is Tulsa, which is a pit. Mitch and I theorized that the reason Oklahoma is so religious is because of the trust that heaven will at least be better than frigin Oklahoma.

Anyway, we stopped 60 miles from the Texas border in a town called Clinton and are staying at an Econo Lodge with train tracks running through the parking lot and cows in the backyard. It's bizarre. Mitch and I decided to treat ourself and went to a local Indian casino called the Lucky Star Casino which had just about every stereotype you could possibly imagine milling around. I can't explain it all, but suffice it to say that the movies have got it 100% right. Mitch and I went into a game of Texas Hold-Em with a $50 buy-in. And then he sat down. An old man with a cowboy hat who apparently worked in construction. He spent 200 bucks to buy in and decided to destroy us both. Mitch went out first. I won one hand and was playing even. I then got dealt a king and ace and decided to really play. Another guy opened the bet at $25 and me and cowboy joined in. By the end of the betting I was all in and the pot was a little over $100 bucks. The flop comes up ace, 8, and 6 and I'm like, "Sweet! Here's the hotel room for the night and the next day's gas money for both of us. But wait, mean cowboy has a pair of 8's. Jeff busts out. What a crock. That cowboy sure was mean.

Happy Trails!

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  1. Ouch, see my email to you....
    Anyways, it's all a matter of perspective, what you are used to when you view other places. People from other parts of the country feel claustrophobic when they come to NH, they can't see enough sky through the trees. It's like the difference between what you can see from the backyard in Nova Scotia and in our backyard.
    And the cowboy still beat you college boy.