Monday, June 21, 2010

Niagra Falls!

End of day one, synopsis? Upstate New York is as desolate a place as you'll find anywhere in this country. One thing that struck me was how few and far the exits were. Now mind you, I-90 is just about the only east-west road for most of upstate, but there were some towns we passed that were at least 15 miles from the nearest onramp/offramp. So my question is, how does that encourage anyone to go anywhere but home? I have nothing against people who stay in, but some towns are just isolated which to me would get oppressive.

Anyway, the driving was easy and we were originally shooting to stop in Buffalo, but after looking at the prices of motels Niagara Falls was cheaper by far and since it was only 15 miles away it made more sense, it also means we can swing by the falls tomorrow morning to take a look. I've already been but I figure that there are only so many times you'll see Niagara Falls and I'd be remiss to miss (see what I did there?) the opportunity. Tomorrow the plan is to get as far as possible on the way to St. Louis, the likely place is somewhere in Indiana past Cincinnati. Give Mitch or I a ring on our cells if you are fortunate enough to have the number. Happy trails!

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  1. If you think New York is desolate, you "ain't" seen nothing yet, and I mean nothing. Makes counting road kill exciting.