Friday, August 6, 2010

I am just so Hollywood

These have been a long couple of days.

Yesterday was Mitch's first day at the comedy seminar/class and apparently he really likes it. He's meeting a lot of cool people and it also means that this weekend I'll be able to see some acts for free with him and that's always cool. Unfortunately it also means that I need to wake up to drive Mitch over the canyon to get to his class that starts at 9. Normally that's not so early that it's torture, but given that the canyon road is only one lane in each direction, it gets pretty old pretty fast in the morning. Mitch, understanding this, wakes up a little earlier than I do to buy me a doughnut at the local bakery on the corner, which pretty much makes me whole day start off right.

This morning I had to be up anyway so I could go to my Groundlings class which was again really fun. Right after class I had to drive straight to Santa Monica to get headshots done by a teacher of another one of the girls in the class. I'm getting a great deal because a lot of times when you get headshots or photos done, you have a half hour session and the photographer just wants you out the door. Touchups aren't included and you get maybe two different "looks" which are exactly the same as everyone else. The guy I went to did the normal shots that everyone needs and then had me change and do my hair up and all this other stuff and took a whole heap of shots. He's going to do some touchup work and is sending me the entire group of pictures on a DVD. Plus I got a discount. Now usually headshots are like the calling card actors give to casting directors to get parts. In my case I thought it was something that as "an entertainer" I would need sooner or later. Having good headshots means I can maybe try to get work in commercials or something, and it means that I can apply for sketch comedy groups that might be looking for a certain type of person. If nothing else I have some really nice Christmas photos and some new ways to do my hair.

Tomorrow is another job searching day and this weekend is a comedy weekend. I'm going to see the Dodgers play on Sunday with Gena from New Hampshire and then another round of the improv X-ecution Sunday night. Should be fun.

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