Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mitch is back

Loyal readers will remember that Mitch is the friend who I drove across the country with about a month ago. Well apparently we have come full circle and Mitch is now sleeping on my floor back in LA. After a month of doing comedy and odd jobs in Portland, OR. A few days ago Mitch got a text message from a comedian here in LA that he did a little bit of work with in college and he was invited to attend a comedy seminar at the Comedy Store. Mitch isn't quite sure what's going on but he heard comedy and came running. Today after my class I picked up Mitch at the airport and tonight we went to go see a show at the Hollywood Improv where Mitch's comedy friend got us free tickets. Couldn't get us around the two item minimum buy though. The show was pretty good, some comics better than others but I'm glad I got to see some professional comedy for a change.

Tomorrow will be a big day because I will be having my first official interview for a job, and it only took me a month. I applied last Friday for a position at In-n-Out burger (sort of a high end fast food joint) and went in today to meet the manager and show her who I was. She immediately asked if I would be able to come in tomorrow. I thought she was asking if I could start tomorrow, but alas, it is only an interview. But that's a start! The position is a cleaning crew position, basically you go in in the wee hours of the morning and work until the store is squeaky clean for them to open at 10. I assume you work the whole time but some nights you might get finished before the store opens. I don't really know, and though the hours may suck it will still be a tremendous improvement over not working. I'll just need to come to terms with the fact that I went to school for four years, have two degrees, and I'm waxing the floors at a burger joint.

-Happy Trails!

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