Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Moving on...

Tonight was the first night of the "merge" in the Improv X-ecution. The show started with two nights with 10-12 contestants each, and tonight was essentially the half-way mark and we merged the two nights into one show, which is why this update is on a Monday night and not Sunday. Anyway, I once again have made it through to another week, and tonight I didn't even need to go to the elimination round! I managed to get a group of four people to come to the show, two of whom I knew. But I'm not complaining, afterward I got to hang out and make some friends and had a great time.

Unfortunately however I may be put in a position where I have to voluntarily drop out of the competition. I had an interview today with what would be called a dream job, working at a travel agency near UCLA. I think the interview went really well, I sat and chatted with the lady for an hour just swapping stories and being friendly. I think it went well but there is only one spot available. Anyway I won't have to wonder that long since she said she would be calling tomorrow. The problem this job would present is the mandatory couple days of training in Phoenix, which would mean I would miss another night of the X-ecution and would have to drop out since I already missed a night to do the showcase at the Ice House. In hindsight I wish I hadn't missed the other night but I don't think I had even applied to this job by then. But if this is the way things have to be then this is what will happen. Everything happens for a reason. I'm still waiting on Victoria's Secret who said they had to check on our references and would be making a decision this week. Everything happens for a reason. If I don't get this great job then I can still do the X-ecution. If I do get this job then I will have my first "big boy job" with full-time hours and benefits and some semblance of financial independence. I'll know tomorrow.

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