Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maybe good news

Tonight was another edition of the Improv X-ecution and it was a nailbiter. So next week we merge the Sunday and Monday shows and tonight they had the audience vote on whether they wanted to save all six of us left and let us all go through. The monsters voted to still vote one of us out. That of course meant that I would be back on the chopping block again and of course I was. This time there were only two of us and they made us both give a sermon as preachers using an object as a metaphor. Luckily they gave me Sham-Wow, so I needed to give a sermon using Sham-Wow as my metaphor for God. Unfortunately unlike the other times I've been in the elimination round the other person I was with was really good. They counted the audience vote 3 times and at the end there was a tie in the audience vote, meaning it got down to the two judges. And they decided to send us both through to next week. The audience was even chanting to send us both through, apparently they wanted blood, but didn't want the responsibility of actually voting someone out. I'm obviously happy with the result, but man do I wish I could have more people coming to keep me out of the elimination round.

Afterward I took part in my weekly celebration, going out to Dillon's Bar to get a beer. I went out with another contestant from the X-ecution and one of his friends works at an office where they might be hiring someone to work the phones, I job I did for years back in New Hampshire. We swapped e-mails and tomorrow she'll let me know if they have a position for me. This would obviously be a huge break for me because it would let me stay in town for longer than just three months and would give me some more time to do the things that I want and make me feel like I've given LA the time it deserves.

On a completely unrelated note, I played soccer yesterday and I feel terrible. It's the first time I've run a full field for the whole game since my operation a year ago (yes it's actually been a year) and I could feel it. I'll just have to keep going back until I don't feel quite so awful after each game but man, now I know how my Dad must feel.

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