Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunny Sunday

This weekend has been pretty low-key, some stand up and some job searching, that's basically it. In fact I wouldn't be even writing something tonight if I hadn't had my showcase at the Ice House tonight.

A few months ago (you may remember) I tried out at the Ice House in Pasadena to perform at their weekly showcase for up and coming acts. That was a month ago and tonight was the big night. I thought I did pretty well, decent sized audience and I actually got some laughs. I got to talk to the host and the owner of the Ice House a little bit and will hopefully be back again in the next couple of weeks to try out again. Best of all, they gave me a free drink ticket so I got to sit back and watch some comedy with a beer. Not too bad.

Like I said, that's pretty much all I've done this weekend. I've been working on scripts for a little Youtube project that I'm going to be starting up and I've started to apply to radio stations all over the country because I figure if I can get on the air anywhere then it's a job worth moving for. Tomorrow is sign ups for the next level of Groundlings and hopefully the day I hear back from In n Out burger about organizing a third (third!) interview. Other than that, the job search continues.

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