Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend recap

Once again, to answer the obvious question, I'll be going back to the X-ecution next Sunday once again. This week I actually managed to avoid the elimination round. Mitch came to the show as did my friend Mike and apparently there were a few other people in the audience who voted for me too! That's pretty encouraging because I don't think either of them will be there next week so if I have some people already on my side then I am in ok shape for the coming weeks.

Anyway this weekend has been pretty busy. Mitch's stand up classes ended yesterday and we went down to Culver City to meet Ryan, a friend of Mitch's who went to UNH and I sort of knew. We went out to eat at a Brazilian gourmet pizza buffet. It was absolutely delicious. Have you ever had chocolate and strawberry pizza? Find an excuse to try, it's amazing. I think the place must have just opened because the manager or owner kept coming over to ask how the food was, and the two waitresses were just awesome. It was a really good time.

Today I met up with Gina again at Dodger Stadium. We got to see the Dodgers play the power of the mid-Atlantic, Washington Nationals. Surprise, they won. But Dodger stadium is very cool, I like it much better than Angel Stadium. There's still something about Fenway Park but I can see why Dodger's Fans are so dedicated to their stadium. And it's set in the middle of a ravine with absolutely awesome views of mountains, and if we were on the other side of the stadium we could see all the way to downtown. Going to the game also gave me an excuse to try out what passes for a subway in LA. It was actually rather pleasant and fast and I wish they had stops that went places I usually go, or there was some better transit options in the Valley than buses. Knowing LA it will probably take them 20 years.

Anyway, tomorrow Mitch heads home and then I'll be on my own again. This coming week will be the last week of Groundlings classes and I'll find out if they let me go through to the next round or not. I've got my fingers crossed. Other than that I'll still be looking for a job, which is still ongoing. Ugh.

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