Monday, August 2, 2010

Still kickin...

Well tonight was the second night of the X-ecution improv competition. To cut off the obvious question before it's asked, yes I'll be going back next week. And yes, I had to go to the elimination round again. From what I heard I had a grand total of one vote in the first round. But in the elimination round I again got the most laughs so I was fairly comfortable that I would not be eliminated tonight. That makes me the only person to have been in both elimination rounds in the past two weeks, which actually might be to my advantage. With any luck I might start to hold a psychological edge on everyone else and they'll start to be scared to be in the elimination round with me.

Afterwards I was approached by a few people who were there for another contestant Grey. After chatting for a bit and making friends we went to grab some drinks at a bar right next to the stage. We wound up staying for a few hours and having some fun. They were all transplants to LA like me and a few were actors and all that entails. Most of them were having trouble finding jobs too, but to be fair they were looking to act first. I'm just trying to live.

Anyway this week should be fairly exciting. Mitch is coming to visit on Tuesday and staying till Friday. There will be the comedy festival Mitch is going to so I should be able to at least pop in and see some good acts. I made some connections with Grey and his friends and they live close by so hopefully we'll be hanging out. Other than that, hopefully I'll be hearing back from a few jobs and getting some interviews. Well probably not, but I can dream.

-Happy Trails!