Monday, July 19, 2010

Cool wave!

Sorry for the absence everyone, but I figured that I'd rather not write anything than make something up. Some days life is just less exciting than others, even in LA. That's not to say I did nothing this weekend, I had some fun and got to see a show, which was great. On Saturday I met up with Kia, the woman that Mitch knew here in LA and we went to a show at the Hollywood Improv. Kia had a friend named Chris Gerht who organized a showcase show in the Improv comedy studio, which is a smaller "annex" to the main stage. The show wound up selling out and people started sneaking in and sitting in the back and on the floor, which is a great thing to see when you get out on stage I'm sure. I'd say the night was a success and the next day I ran into Chris again at the Sunset Grill. After I complimented him on the show he mentioned that he would love to try to make it a running gig. I told him that if he was ever looking for acts that I would be more than happy to help him out. Sure he's probably got his own friends and people in mind, but I had to at least put my name in the hat. We'll see.

Anyway on Sunday, after another sure to be fruitless day of job hunting I went out to try and get on stage to do some open mics. First I tried the Comedy Store which was yet again a bust. Then I drove down the street to the Sunset Grill. Now normally you can show up to the Sunset Grill 3 minutes before the show starts and be the 5th person on stage. Apparently on Sunday however the Sunset Grill was the hip happening place to be and I couldn't get on stage there either. Knowing a sign when I saw one I decided to drive back to the Valley. All was not lost however, my friend Kim from home earlier had mentioned that I really needed to try In n Out burger so I did on my way home. In n Out is like a healthier Dairy Queen, you can see people through the windows peeling potatoes, making fries, and washing lettuce. It was delicious, full credit goes to Kim for the suggestion.

Today was another first for me, I got to be in a movie in Hollywood. Now before you start getting the wrong idea, it was unpaid work for some Groundlings Alum, but I did have a speaking role, and I will get to brag about it on an acting resume if I ever make one. Not bad for my second week.

I want to take a few sentences to give a shout out to my Dad who is turning 50 tomorrow. Through this whole experience my Dad has been more than awesome, he is supportive and level headed about the whole affair and puts no pressure on me to succeed out here on the West Coast. I am incredibly lucky to have parents who let me do something as stupid as move cross-country with no job or any real plan. Thanks Dad.

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  1. In N Out Burger is like god wrapped in a burger bun.