Sunday, July 11, 2010

Slow day

As you could probably guess from my title today was a slow day here in LA. I slept late because last night I was waking up every hour feeling sick. I blame the nachos I had last night at Eric's b-day. Anyway I stayed in bed until the World Cup final came on which was a good game I guess. Frankly it looked like the Dutch never expected to win the game outright and decided to intimidate the Spanish into making a mistake. But everyone knows you never get between a Spaniard and gold, just ask South American natives.

Later I went to an open mic at the Sunset Grill, which I think has a song written about it. At least that's what I was humming on the drive which was exciting itself, I got to see two women go for the same parking spot and hit each other. A very public screaming match ensued. The open mic went alright but it seems like everywhere I go the other comics feel like they need to give me advice once they learn I've only been here a few days. This is a little annoying when it becomes apparent that sometimes these other comics really stink and don't appreciate that I'm not some bumpkin who woke up one day and decided to start doing stand up.

Anyway tomorrow is another job searching day. Hopefully I hear back from a few leads and start organizing an interview or two. Fingers crossed!

-Happy Trails!

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