Friday, July 16, 2010

Heat wave!

I think the sun is hotter here. Seriously. We've been in the high 90's for the past 4-5 days and it's definitely not nearly as humid as it was back in NH. But when you go outside and walk around for a few minutes you realize that the energy is just getting sucked out of you. When I get in my car, the gear shift is literally too hot to touch so I must point the air conditioner down to cool it off. Of course, the rest of LA doesn't seem to care and still has their sprinklers watering the lawns that I never see anyone use.

Tonight I went back to the club on Ventura that's close enough to walk to. I tend to really have a good time there, the host is really nice. It's a little tough finding a club that doesn't take itself to seriously like one of the bigger ones, but is still legit enough so you're not just standing on top of some poor guy trying to drink a coffee.

I went and dropped off some applications today and again filled out some more online. I've decided that I'm gonna start putting my efforts into more personal job applications where I can at least meet the manager I'm applying for. I feel like I'll at least get a feel for what my chances are and I'll feel like I'm not wasting my time applying for jobs I'll never hear from. I'm also gonna start calling some AM stations and see if anyone's looking for someone to fill the night-time slot.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm meeting my friend Mike who went to school out here and I went to high school with. He's living in Orange County now but tomorrow he'll be up in the city looking at apartments for August. Later I'll be meeting Kia (Mitch's friend) and going to see a show at the Hollywood Improv. I'm really looking forward to it since it will represent comedy that has an audience and a comic who is actually doing well for themselves. Should be educational if nothing else.

One thing I noticed that has absolutely nothing to do with anything, is it just me, or are daily contact lenses a scam? I realize their cheap to begin with, but do people realize that by just spending a little more upfront that they could get monthly or even bi-annual lenses that are just as good? I feel like the optometrist lobby has done a pretty good job of convincing people that their eyes will turn into pits of lava if they don't change out their contacts once a day.

-Happy Trails!

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