Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting annoyed...

The days can get pretty boring when you're not working and you don't have Groundlings classes to look forward to. It's not exactly unique nowadays for a college grad to be unemployed and I know I moved to just about the worst city I could to job search, but damn. You know what bothers me about the whole process? Not even hearing "no". I understand that there are often more qualified people applying for a job than just me, but do you think it would be that hard for companies to send out an e-mail that just says "Yo, we got your resume, we're gonna read it and if you hear from us again it means we want you to come in." Literally every other part of applying for a job is automated online, would that be so hard to program? It's a BS proposition in the first place. Every corporation wants you to pretend to be excited to "join their team" but at every step of the process they treat you like crap. Then should you happen to get hired you are then subject to getting paid the smallest amount they can get away with and being nothing more to them than a number (literally, my number at Ruby Tuesday was 510, Cole Haan was 105125). Is it any wonder that the New York Times reported last month that employee-employer loyalty was at an all time low? Hint: Ask yourself why it's called "human resources" and not "personnel" anymore. So I still wait. Today I at least got a letter from the car dealership that I applied to last week saying that they weren't interested. I was just happy they went out of their way to let me know. Still waiting on the cupcake company. I really do hope I can start supporting myself, at least somewhat, because I really do like living here. Every day is exciting, it's absolutely beautiful, and I'm always finding ways to laugh. I just hope I can stay and that finances aren't the limiter to fulfilling my dreams.

After my daily job search I decided to head down to Hollywood to do an open mic. Suffice it to say that I will not be going back to the Cafe Muse to do stand up anytime soon. The coffee shop seemed cool and actually had some real customers, but the stage is pretty dumpy and it's just too far away to make it worth it. My strategy is to find the clubs that I really like and then I'm gonna try to go there exclusively. One of the recurring bits of advice I keep getting is that if you feel comfortable at a venue then your comedy gets better. You stop doubting yourself and start having fun and it's just easier. If nothing else trying out a new club every night is at least getting me out of the house and letting me explore the city a little bit. Next week I might even be going all the way out to Malibu to do a show, maybe I'll chill on the beach a bit first, make a day of it since I'm sure I won't have a job yet.

Anyway, tomorrow is Groundlings and another open mic. Hopefully I'll be hearing back from a couple jobs and staying cool. It has gotten really sunny and hot here lately and it's usually a good 10 degrees hotter here in the valley than it is in the city, price I pay for cheaper rent I suppose.

-Happy Trails!

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