Thursday, July 1, 2010

Job search and car fixes

I realize that it gets pretty old hearing about "firsts" all the time in this blog but I have to keep track of time somehow when I'm here. That said, today was my first day all alone in LA, and I managed to keep it pretty busy. This morning I went to the casting call for the game show Minute to Win it. Now I'm not sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn't what I experienced. They took about 40 of us into a room and split us into 3 groups where they watched us stack solo cups into pyramids and take them down in one minute. Meanwhile the casting director walked around and just watched us, occasionally pulling us away one at a time to talk to us for an average of about 30 seconds. Meanwhile everyone cheers the others on in the fakest way you can imagine. It was actually pretty funny if it wasn't so sad.

Then I found this really great local and cheap car garage to get the car fixed and then went to buy some groceries so I could survive.

The issue I'm running into at this point is how difficult it is to find a well-paying part-time job that is flexible around improv and stand-up. I didn't drive all this way so I could work a 9-5 job that doesn't understand I need to usually be able to get out at 4. I honestly wouldn't mind working midnight shifts but I just don't know where to begin. Hopefully the longer I'm here and the longer I've got my ears open I'll start noticing more and more opportunities.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be doing an open mic at the Spotlight comedy club on Ventura blvd and then on Saturday is the big audition with the Groundlings. Big weekend coming up!

Also, any friends expecting photos of the road trip on Facebook will have to wait a long time it seems. Every time I try to upload some photos the entire internet seizes up and I have to quit out. So until I can find some other way, no pictures.

Anyway, Happy Trails!


  1. Just figured out how to send a comment DUH. Have been following your Journey. Check the hospitals for midnight shifts. I know the Pharmacy techs make good money. You seem to be doing everything right, so keep up the good work. Love you Mimi

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