Sunday, July 25, 2010

I survive!

So tonight was the first night of the "X-ecution" the improv competition that I auditioned for last week. It was actually pretty stressful. There were 10 contestants there and we each only got 2 scenes and then the audience voted. My first scene was admittedly not very good but I thought the second was pretty good. Then the audience votes to save most of the contestants but send 3 people into the elimination round. Of course, I wind up in the elimination round and I think 90% of that was due to me only having one person there for me in the audience. Anyway the host then makes us pick a number between 2 and 5, so I of course pick 5. Then he says that we need to do one scene with as many characters as the number we picked, so I had to do a scene with 5 characters. Ugh. But here's the thing, I frigin killed. The crowd loved me after my scene and I had little doubt that I would not be getting eliminated. This suggests to me one thing, I need to start bringing friends to the shows (finding some friends would be a better start). The people in the audience obviously liked me, but they weren't going to waste their vote on some guy they don't know over their friend. Which means I need to bring at least as many friends next time. That or hope that the same people keep coming and continue to like me.

So anyway this means I go back same time next week for the competition where they will apparently be eliminating two people. Great. One semi-funny thing though; the host gave us all nicknames and the one he gave me was "The Vulture". So that's cool I guess.

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