Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Sox Tomorrow!

Today is an exciting day, because tomorrow is a good day. The Red Sox make a western road trip twice a year and I am taking advantage of this fact tomorrow. I am meeting my friend Mike who I went to high school with at his apartment down in Orange County and we are going to have a relaxing afternoon at the game in Anaheim.

Truth be told I'm just looking forward to wasting a whole day and not worrying about finding a job. It's been nearly a month and I haven't even had so much as an interview yet. It's incredibly stressful because I'm trying to make good financial decisions but it seems like all my decisions have been made for me. I have no money coming in so any money I spend is irreplaceable. I have so many applications out right now that I don't really know where else I could be turning. In the next few days I'm going to see if any supermarkets are hiring, try to get a stocker job or something. The problem is, I've committed to comedy so much that to make enough money to support myself with a supermarket type job it would need to be full-time. And even then I would barely make enough to cover rent, never mind school loans and improv classes.

I think the hardest part about all this is trying to stay positive. Early on it was easy because I had only just arrived, but at this point, with less than an interview to look at as a success it gets harder and harder. I have to keep reminding myself that I am having some success with my comedy, the competition, the showcase, hopefully success will build on success. I'm also getting some headshots taken this week by a guy who seems like a real stand-up. He was referred to me by a classmate in the Groundlings and he's giving me a deal and including touch-up work with digital copies to go along with a few different looks and outfits. And if worst comes to worst and I can't find an agent or something, at least I'll have some boss Christmas card photos.

Happy Trails!

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