Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's a sweep!

Today was the furthest south I've ever been in my life. I drove down to Orange to meet my friend Mike to go to the Angels-Red Sox game and happened to be the closest to the equator I have ever been. So that was a cool part of the hour long drive to get down to Orange County. Another cool thing? Realizing that I live in the nice part of LA. I've been spending most of my time in Hollywood and the Valley and hadn't really seen any of the rough parts of LA. Well the moment you pass downtown LA going south it goes ugly really quickly.

The game itself was very fun. We managed to get pretty good seats on the 3rd base line on the upper deck, but there really aren't any bad seats in the entire stadium. Anyone who says that we need to keep Fenway exactly as is really should see a game at another newer stadium. It's just so cool to come in the gate and immediately see the field through the concourse. There were lots of bathrooms and places to eat and you had plenty of room to walk around. Also, the Angels sell hard liquor drinks. Yep, if I had felt the urge, I could have sipped Scotch while I sat and watched afternoon baseball. Why? I don't know, but I'm glad I had the option.

Mike and I did have a teachable moment today though. We were walking from my car and I say, "Should we put on some sunscreen?" We say, nah we'll be fine. Our seats did happen to be in the sun, but only for about an hour and then we had shade, which made it so comfortable to sit in short sleeves. Well I'll be paying for my laziness for the next couple days since I have an awful sunburn on my arms and my nose. Stupid southern sun.

Anyway after the game Mike gave me a tour of the beautiful college he went to near where he lived and then I headed home. Today was the first day I got the worst of the LA traffic. It's not exactly a short drive from Orange County to Studio City in the first place, but it can be horrible at rush hour. I decided to avoid I-5, since coming down it was already backed up and at points it was only 3 lanes wide (3!?). So I went the longer route and took I-405. This worked out well until I passed LAX and the whole thing grinded to a halt. Mind you, this is at 7pm. Anyway, it took me about a half hour longer than it should have to get home, but consider if I had left at 5 and not hung around after the game. Hey LA, build some subways!

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