Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is some good coffee...

Hey all! Pretty good day here in sunny, and newly cool LA. Groundlings this morning which I'm still finding very difficult. For some reason I can't get all the many details of the teachings and the scene down at one time. Maybe it's because the way I "used" to do improv is just a bad habit that is harder to shake. We've also been digesting a lot at once here in the early classes, so hopefully it will get easier. Every time I step on to the stage I'm trying to keep everything straight but it's easier said than done. I'm still working on it.

While I was at class however I received some hopeful news. A few days ago, tired of sending out semi-anonymous applications via e-mail and the internet I directly called a few radio stations and left some messages on answering machines. Well today I got a call back from one station saying that they had two positions open at a local AM station, one running the board and the other being a promotions assistant. Now I have a lot of experience running a board but not a lot doing promotions. Whatevs, I applied to both. Actually I applied to both of those jobs last Friday, but that doesn't mean I didn't call up the station today to make sure they got them. I left about 3 messages today, and I'll do the same tomorrow if I don't hear back from the HR department. Working in radio would be a dream job for me. Some of the most fun I had at UNH was doing my weekly radio show and it's a skill that I would love to use for the rest of my life. My fingers are crossed.

Tonight I went back to the open mic at the Amsterdam, the place where I thought I had a really good set last week, but tonight I remembered to bring my camera. You can probably guess what's coming next; I stunk that place up. I did absolutely dreadful. I didn't get more than a chuckle on any of my jokes. I don't really mind necessarily because I've had bad nights before followed by a good one, but it does bother me. At least I got it on film so I can humble myself when I get a fat head.

In more fun news, I bought some tickets tonight to see my Red Sox when they come to town and play the Angels next week. My friend Mike who has lived out here since high school will be going with me. I'm looking forward to going, since I'm sure like most places, there will be more Red Sox fans than local fans and I won't stick out like a sore thumb. Big props to my Dad who reminded me that the Red Sox would be in town and gave me the idea to go. Even if I don't have money going in I think it's worth the ticket price. I have no idea if I'll be living out here next season so I should go while I have the chance. By the way, if any employee of Ticketmaster happens to read my blog; go kill yourself. Seriously, don't give me your 15 dollars of hidden fees and expect me to be a happy customer. I know I'm strapped for cash, but aside from porn, I can't think of any career I'm less likely to go for than working for ticket master.

Incidentally, I had one small cup of coffee at the Amsterdam and that stuff has gotten me wired all night. Well done Amsterdam.

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